"3D Stamps" by Kim Fairley, 1995
"3D Stamps" by Kim Fairley, 1995


Autobiography: "This is my story and I'm sticking to it."

Memoir: "This is my story. No, wait...this is my story."

Kim is the author of “Boreal Ties: Photographs and Two Diaries of the 1901 Peary Relief Expedition,” about her great grandfather, Clarence Wyckoff, his friend, Louis Bement, and their 1901 trip to the Arctic. The book is filled with beautiful images of the Inuit in the Thule region of northern Greenland. Tucked within the pages are the 1901 diary entries of Clarence Wyckoff and his friend, Louis Bement, giving detailed impressions of what it was like to live in this remote region either as an Inuit, or as the world’s first Arctic explorers.

Her latest book, whose title is “Shooting Out the Lights," is soon to be published by She Writes Press. It is a story that takes place during the summer of her marriage when she was twenty-five, pregnant for the first time, and a strange visitor arrived for a two-week stay. It is a story that questions our ties to our children, our homes, and our towns, and recognizes how tragedies can define us, sometimes divide us and, ultimately, help us to reconcile with the past.

Kim is at work on her second memoir about being the oldest of five kids with parents who were traveling sales representatives. To an outside observer, they may have appeared rather normal, yet turmoil was often teeming beneath the surface. Left alone for long periods without adult supervision, she and her four younger siblings, with the help of competitive swimming, managed to find a way forward. The book’s working title is “Swimming for My Life."

Kim has a BFA from the University of Southern California, an MFA from the University of Michigan, she is a member of NAMW (National Association of Memoir Writers), The Authors Guild, the Ann Arbor Area Writers, and an occasional contributor to The Moth story slams.

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