Subjects I would love to discuss:

  • Age gap marriages (more than 10 year separation)
  • Dealing with a loved one's grief
  • Wrestling with family secrets
  • Writing a memoir
    • Research for a memoir
    • Honesty in writing memoir
    • The reflective voice
  • Competitive swimming in the early days of Title IX
  • Trauma and the impact of competitive sports
  • Living with anxiety
  • Blended families with children
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Print Media


Advance praise for Shooting Out the Lights

“. . . the author’s writing is evocative, and her story is both unique and intriguing . . . this is a book that many readers will find difficult to put down. A captivating family account that delivers compelling, acutely observant writing.”

--Kirkus Reviews

"Shooting Out the Lights is an exquisite memoir that analyzes what brought a couple together to face loss and their shattered hopes with enduring love."

--Foreword Reviews

"This compelling story is one that you won't forget once you finish.  Family, loss, grief, and more await the reader of this story.  I loved this family and felt so much for them. The book based on a real story will rip out your heart."

--Crossroad Reviews

"Fairley scores a bull’s eye with her rich and complex memoir, Shooting Out the Lights. Her gift of mesmerizing storytelling and intimately crafted characters make the reader feel as if they are sitting at her kitchen table. Shooting Out the Lights is a compelling memoir that will have the reader thinking about it long after turning the last page."

--Renee Hodges, author of Saving Bobby

“This real-life mystery story is as riveting and absorbing as any genre fiction."

--Phillip Lopate, author of A Mother’s Tale

“A riveting book that builds ominously.”

--Jerry S. Walden MD, founder of Physicians for Prevention of Gun Violence

"It is through Kim’s honesty, transparency, and emotional turmoil that makes Shooting Out the Lights a memoir that will challenge the notions we have of motherhood and its obligations. This is definitely a book you won’t want to miss."

--Paperback Paris